About Flybounce Sports

Flybounce Sports is a sports academy in Bangalore, Karnataka which was formed with a mutual passion for the sports. Our goal is to nurture young talented players to be competitive, stay fit and follow a healthy lifestyle by bringing you the best opportunities to play and enjoy your favorite sports and games.

We are coaches, trainers, educators and counselors committed to building players, athletes and individuals. But most of all we are observers who never lose sight of our ultimate goal, i.e. to help you to grow, excel and succeed. Our dedicated and hard working set of coaches always looks for innovative drills and exercises to suit the individual needs of every trainee.

Flybounce Sports acknowledges that sports today play a vital role in all-round development of a human being and achieving excellence in sports has a great bearing on national prestige and morale. In time we have become a distinguished and reliable sports academy and hence plan to expand further to other arenas of sports like Cricket, football, etc.

Flybounce Sports is a multi sports academy that aims at providing coaching to kids and adults. We also provide our modern sports facility on 'pay per use' along with latest sports equipment and gears. Our Facility is also available for conducting social and corporate sports activities and events. We are also planning for a multipurpose hall and a café within our campus.

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